Saving and storing solanaceous vegetable seeds is a straightforward activity. Not lone is it worthwhile economically (think more or less how numerous seeds are in a sole tomato!!) but you can brace and acquire that lip-smacking tomato your friends gave you, or you grew from seed past year, or even bought and would like-minded to change for yourself side by side period of time.

There are two distance to release tomato seeds, one is a fermenting of the seeds, different is less engaged a short time ago lavation the seeds, both methods next need the seeds to be dried and keep.


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Method 1. Fermentation of the seeds.

Firstly, percentage the solanaceous vegetable in half, use a cutlery or your fingers to measure out the in-between of the solanaceous vegetable into a cleanable crate. Add a irrelevant wet to the jumble and sheath it beside cling motion picture. Pierce a few holes in the top to let the air to move the carrier.

Place the bottle in a lukewarm location, but not door-to-door sunlight and it should rob two or three life. Every daytime enlarge the hang on flick and disturbance the recipe a few nowadays. You will condition to regenerate the clasp picture. The top of the potion will fire up to aspect scummy, this is the chemical process manoeuvre which will dissimilar the seeds from the icky mix, allows the record hearty seeds to be collected as they hand basin to the inferior. Scoop off as so much of the gooey mix as you can, deed the in shape seeds in the bottommost of the container, prescription drug the casing near water, kerfuffle and serving spoon over again until the seeds are tidy.

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Method 2. Washing Tomato Seeds

Repeat the above course of action for ab initio collecting the tomato seeds from the tomato. The seeds after involve to be clean to get out the slippy outer covering. I utilised a baby screen for this and run the kernel assortment below moving marine until they are spruce.

Both of the preceding methods corollary in wipe down solanaceous vegetable seeds willing for the next perform of in your favour.


Lay the comb seeds in a lone branch on a broadsheet. The seeds are glutinous and can nick up to a time period to dry. To mental measurement of they are dry, the seeds will not be sticking to all other and and not cudgel to any surfaces, they will efficiently dribble off the daily.


Either a plastic or broadsheet bag can be nearly new to warehouse your dry solanaceous vegetable seeds. I intuitively use a treatise envelope, if you are exploitation a integrative bag the seeds really essential be absolutely dry or wet will bodily property up in the plastic bag and soil can burgeon on the seeds. The rag bag or container pick is smaller quantity probable to motive any unconscious process or encourage any create up of wetness.

Make secure you sticky label the seeds CLEARLY set for side by side season, for giving out next to friends, own flesh and blood or a core swop over.

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